Rats & Rodent Pest Control

Rats & Rodent Pest Control

The term rodent implies rats, mice and bandicoots. They are one of the most disastrous urban pests and hence rodent control should be a compulsory course of action.

They invade your home, eat and contaminate food with their faeces, urine and hair, damage commodities and are also responsible for various diseases.

Their gnawing ability is responsible for structural and property damage, short circuits, fires etc They normally come in the dark and give you sleepless nights.

Mahalaxmi Rodent Management Service provides total and effective rat control and mouse control. The new age RODEX treatment is based on the type of rodent species, extent of infestation and its spread. This rodent treatment is a scientific combination of baiting, trapping and proofing methods and an excellent solution for getting rid of rats.


  • An absolutely new and highly effective rodent repellent treatment designed keeping human safety in mind
  • Area specific treatment regimens

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